HOPE RUN KENOSHA, a 5k Run & 2-mile Walk
 exists to make it easy to find and experience HOPE.


Offering hope as we RAISE awareness to CONNECT individuals with initiatives that RESTORE.


Each year, we will collaborate with local, national and international organizations seeking to offer hope to detrimental initiatives; offering financial assistance and manpower if/when possible. By offering Hope Run Kenosha our goal is to gather financial resources and volunteers to make a difference.


Our purpose for 2016 is to raise awareness of Human Trafficking, primarily sex trafficking, locally, nationally and internationally. Hundreds of children and adults fall victim of this demeaning and brutal crime. Hope Run Kenosha seeks to RAISE awareness of the SUPPLY & DEMAND in our area. Kenosha is one of the alley-ways in which traffickers transport their supply to and from. Learn to spot the signs and know who to call for help.

Hope Run Kenosha :: STOP THE TRAFFICK!

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