Jon Principe is a decorated police officer for the city of Racine Police Department. Beginning his career in 2001 as a patrolman Principe was then transferred to the COP unit in 2004 and was promoted to detective in 2007. As detective he was assigned cases ranging from theft to homicide as well as investigating various sex crimes involving children. In 2012 Principe was assigned to a newly developed human trafficking task force which worked along side various federal agencies in southeastern Wisconsin.

In 2015 Principe left the Racine Police Department with high honors including multiple (4) divisional commendations, (2) multiple unit citations, (1) exemplary officer and (1) life saving award. A lifelong Kenosha resident in early 2017, he opened up the Kenosha Tattoo Company which now includes 4 full time artists, a piercer and microblader. The company provides free cover up tattoos for victims of human trafficking, who have been forcibly tattooed by their traffickers. This service has gotten Principe and his team national coverage, including major networks, magazines, and various newspapers and internet websites. In early 2018 his shop will be featured on PBS in a documentary about sex trafficking.

Jon and his wife Devon are starting The Principe Foundation, which will assist in the education and fight against sex trafficking in the state of Wisconsin. The hope is, Devon will be leading the foundation full time by late 2018, while Jon manages the tattoo shop and media ventures.

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